My vision was to create a pepper sauce for my husband who loves hot sauce that trickle down to our children's taste buds. our passion for food with flavor and spice came from our parents who always added a few drops of hot sauce or pepper to almost everything they eat.

I notice my husband buying different brands of hot sauce to find that flavor. I was not sure what flavor he was looking for. He even bought jars of pickled peppers and blend them with the hot sauce to create new flavors. At his point I started paying attention to the sodium in each jar and when I added them up it was loaded with salt. I was worried about my husband's health because he had been taking high blood pressure since he was 17 years old.

 I was born and raised on a small Island in South America surrounded by water where the plants feed on the natural light of the sun's warmth. The people eat fresh grown fruits and vegetables from their gardens it seemed like ancient times but imagine in the 1970s. using two bricks with pepper in the middle of them grinding together using the power of your arms strength to make fresh fiery smashed red peppers pulp.  Those bricks were our blender. When completely smashed we scraped the remains of the pepper into our food. The blazing heat from the peppers coming from my tongue would make me imagine a bull with smoke seeping from his nose as his rage would boil his blood.  The natural pulverizing and grinding of the peppers between the bricks gave a natural earthiness to the unbelievable fire from the peppers grown in our garden.

Since I drove nighty miles to and from work each day, I had more than enough time to think about creating a hot sauce without so much salt. It was even more important in after my husband’s heart attack in 2010, he defiantly needed to change his diet. Knowing him the daily hunger for flavor still stand with his taste buds.

I wanted to create a sauce with elevated heat but not explosive so everyone in the family would enjoy it and take away the sodium. It took about six months to come up with the recipe and refine 5 Island Blend Pepper Sauce. Then came tasting and feedback. Our daughter has a knack for her honest opinion of flavor. So, she became my taster. Our son was in college at the time, so he took a few bottles with him, and by the following year, he was selling the pepper sauce to his friends at college.  

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Pepper Sauce